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Direct Impact on
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We support the creation and development of sustainable, globally competitive tech startups and SMEs to solve social challenges in sectors like agriculture, education, health, food, arts, transport or security in suburban and rural emerging communities in Africa.




Our Focus

Growing enterprise and human capital within underserved communities by providing access to critical soft skills, infrastructure and funding to help catalyse the growth of innovation ecosystems across Africa.


Establishing and supporting innovation ecosystems within underserved communities across Africa.


  • Innovation Consultancy and Hub Management.
  • Human Capital Development Hackathons and Crowd
  • Sourcing Solution Support STEM in women and girls
  • Digital Literacy Skills for Underserved Areas
  • Cluster of organizations focused on development and innovation


Our Impact

Over 10K People Directly Impacted

The first tripartite hub in Nigeria has had a significant impact on the local community, directly impacting over 10,000 people.

Setup Of The First Tripartite Hub In Nigeria

The hub aims to promote innovation and entrepreneurship by providing a space for individuals and businesses to connect, collaborate, and access resources.


Over 50 Startup Supported

The first tripartite hub in Nigeria has had a significant impact on the local startup ecosystem, supporting over 50 startups through its incubation program.

Launched an all female program, Hernovate

In addition to its general incubation program, the first tripartite hub in Nigeria also launched an all-female program called "Hernovate". The program is specifically designed to support and empower female entrepreneurs, providing them with the resources and support they need to succeed in the business world.



What you need to know about Emerging Communities Africa

What is the organization?

The organization is focused on catalyzing technology development in emerging communities across Africa. It was founded in 2017 with the belief that technology is a major tool to leverage social solutions.


What is the goal of the organization?

The goal of the organization is to promote technology development in emerging communities across Africa, with the aim of leveraging technology to address social challenges and drive economic growth and development.


How does the organization achieve its goal?

The organization achieves its goal through a variety of initiatives, such as incubation programs, co-working spaces, events, workshops, and training programs. These initiatives provide entrepreneurs and small businesses with the resources and support they need to develop and grow their businesses, and leverage technology to address social challenges.


What is the organization's target audience?

The organization's target audience is entrepreneurs, start-ups and small businesses in emerging communities across Africa. The organization is particularly focused on providing resources and support to communities that are under-served or under-represented in the technology sector.


How can I get involved with the organization?

There are several ways to get involved with the organization, such as becoming a member, volunteering, or participating in the organization's events, workshops, and training programs. You can also contact the organization directly to inquire about partnership or sponsorship opportunities.


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